Children's Playground With Their Own Hands

A prerequisite for the arrangement of recreation areas, broken in the territory of a suburban area, is the presence of a children's playground repair singapore on it (which, of course, is true only for families with small children). This is why, when preparing a project, this element of the garden landscape needs to be given very attention and with great seriousness to approach its development.

When building a children's playground with your own hands, you will need to take into account a couple of conditions that are hard compatible with each other:

It should be noted that the playground should not be on the sunny side, because along with this, children will not be protected from the sun during the games in the open.

It does not need to be done on the north side, since the site will always be in the shade.

The most sensible decision would be to locate the playing area on the southwestern side of the site, with preference to be given to places partially protected from the sun and wind by a crown of trees growing nearby.

It is not recommended to choose a plot under the playground in the lowlands with the damp characteristic of these places.

The composition of the site

The structure of the playground will be able to include the following game elements:

Sandbox, designed for the smallest family members;

Little kids swing;

Sports corner or "Swedish" wall;

Improvised "slide".

At your discretion, the complex can additionally include such entertaining play facilities, such as an improvised hut, a small house or a car. With that, what did not work with their parents, more than fill the children's imagination.

Then we will look at any of the elements of the playground in more detail.

Arrangement of elements of the playground

Ignoring the fact that the sandbox is considered to be an easy play structure - it should be approached with all possible seriousness to make its production. Particular attention will require you to prepare a place for this element of the children's gaming complex.

Before its construction, it will be necessary to remove a layer of earth in the place of your choice, and the section that appeared along with it should be carefully leveled. To divert rainwater runoff in the center of the site, head to drill a well to a depth of about one meter and insert an iron or asbestos pipe into it, filled with rubble later.

To secure the place of children's games from the arrival of uninvited guests - cats and dogs, the structure must be covered with a lid.

In the corners of the marked-up site, it will be possible to dig in small hemp, and then to upholster them with edging boards, pre-treated with antiseptic and painted in bright colors. As a result, you will receive a fence that protects the sand that remains on the site from scattering. Or it is possible to come up with your own version.

The playground looks more attractive if you use bark-cleared logs as a sandbox fence. Probably another, more "fabulous" version of the fence, made in the form of a decorative fence.

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