5 Ways to Deal With People Who Do not Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

Logically, the people closest to you should support you, but they may doubt and criticize your healthy lifestyle choices for wellness.

A grandmother who does not take no for an answer, colleagues who insist on bringing birthday cake to the office and friends who always ask for pizza and wine to enjoy a night of Netflix - having social life can stand between you and yourself healthy lifestyle and wellness. Logically, people close to you should lean on your journey to become your best and healthiest version of yourself, but you may have to explain your choices much more often than you think. Luckily, as a Free Athlete, we know how you feel and so we've compiled some tips on how to react when people just do not understand you or do not support your goals.

1) Explain your reasons

When you start trying a healthier life, you will find that many people will criticize you and doubt you. Even if they say that you do not need a diet or that it was more fun to go out with you when you drank, the most important thing is for you to explain your reasons to them. Talk about your goals, explain why you are not happy with your current lifestyle, and why change is important to you. It is normal for people to react in a skeptical way to things they do not understand. However, because they are close to you, they will end up understanding your situation and will support you as soon as they understand how much your new lifestyle is important to you.

2) Include them in your new lifestyle

It's natural that most people do not like change. So it is very likely that many will try to stop you from changing. Instead of fighting them, try to include them. Invite them to join you in a training session or show them what your new routine is like. The next time you meet for a movie or a chat, bring some healthy homemade snacks or invite them to prepare a healthy meal with you. Let's be honest, who would continue to think healthy food is bland after trying a delicious healthy bowl or an avocado chocolate mousse?

3) Never Forget Your Goal

Do you come into the office after a good morning workout, feeling good and relaxed until your classmates start teasing you because you're "sports-obsessed"? They say, "It's not healthy to train so much," they bake these muffins "especially for you," and that "an exception would not hurt," right? Sometimes it can be frustrating when you're struggling and feeling motivated, but your However, do not give up when people criticize you or belittle your efforts. Instead, remember your goal and why you are doing it. Stay strong and consistent and believe, haters will always be haters, so let them talk while you continue to act.

4) Find someone to support you

Whether in real life or virtual, the best way to achieve a goal is to surround yourself with people who support you. And the Freeletics Community is always here to help you. Find and join a workout group near you, follow Freeletics on facebook and instagram, and search for people using hashtags #freeletics or #freeathlete on social networks. By following them and seeing their stories, you will become part of their healthy lifestyle and feel more motivated to cling to your own.

5) Think about the 80/20 rule

We know that consistency is fundamental to extraordinary results. That's why our motto is #semlessly #noexcuses. Still, in some cases, it's okay to make an exception and eat a piece of Grandma's homemade apple pie, after all it's your grandmother. The most important thing about exceptions is: never make exceptions because you feel socially pressured, just do it if you really want to. If you are consistent, there is no doubt that after an exception you will return to the healthy routine of always.

Nothing worthwhile is easy. Stick to your goals and ignore the pessimists. Be the person you've always wanted to be and start living life on your own terms.

Posted on July 03, 2018 at 12:48 PM

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