Tips for Optimizing Metabolic Training

Every day, thousands of people go to the gym in search of a healthier life and, of course, a more beautiful body. One of the ways to achieve the much-desired muscle mass gain is through fitness training, which promotes hypertrophy in a different way. Are you curious? Check out!

What is metabolic training?

Fitness stimulation is one of the two main ways to achieve hypertrophy, which causes the growth of muscle mass. It is characterized by biochemical stress caused in muscle cells, which increases energy reserve and, consequently, tissue size. This stress originates in the acceleration of the metabolism, obtained with a greater requirement of the body for the more intense exercises.

Metabolic training, therefore, is performed with the goal of accelerating the human metabolism and causing the cells to almost deplete. In this way, the recovery will be done at the same intensity of the stimuli, guaranteeing a good muscular growth.

How to optimize?

Contrary to what one might think, a person can not start overnight to perform metabolic workouts on their own. One of the reasons is the lack of a common formula, since each has a different rhythm and a different metabolism. Here are some tips to optimize your fitness workout:

Increase repetitions

To increase the pace of metabolism, you need to increase the pace of exercise. Metabolic training is characterized by bringing the muscles to almost complete exhaustion. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the series and repetitions of each exercise.

Decrease the intervals

As the series and repetitions increase, the stimulation to the muscle will be even greater. But that's still not enough. Decrease the intervals, which is the rest time between one series and another. Since the muscles will not have time to recover 100%, the stimuli will cause a much greater stress to the cells, which imposes to the organism a more intense fitness work.

Keep pace

It is no use, however, to accelerate the pace and keep it just for a few days. The metabolic training, although very pulled, gives results in the medium and long term, as well as other types. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a cadence so that the body can respond to the stimuli.

Vary the stimuli

By always doing the same exercises, the muscle eventually becomes accustomed to the stimuli, and even with increasing series and repetitions or decreasing intervals, the result is no longer the same. It is therefore important to vary the stimuli in metabolic training. It is possible to work the same muscles using different shapes, movements and equipment.

Search for a professional

The practice of physical activity should never be done on its own. This is because exercises done with wrong posture or disproportionate weights can cause injuries or even more serious problems. Even more so when it comes to metabolic training, which demands a lot more from the body. Therefore, seek a trained and experienced professional. Not just the muscles, but all your health thanks.

Posted on July 03, 2018 at 12:45 PM

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