Check Out 5 Extreme Sports to Start Practicing

If you seek out unconventional activities to have fun, relax, and increase adrenaline, what are not lacking are options in extreme sports that fit for different lifestyles and interests. And to practice them you do not have to go that far! In Brazil, there are many possibilities and you can venture through different regions of the country.

1. Airsoft

The  airsoft  simulates combat situations and practiced with weapons that look very much like real, but that fire small plastic ammunition of approximately 6 mm in diameter. Without paint or marking system, airsoft counts on the honesty of the players, who when they are hit inform about what happened and leave the game. One of the main characteristics of this radical sport is  fair play.

Divided into teams, competitors need to work together to achieve one of the objectives of the game, which can be, among others:

·        eliminate the rival team;

·        achieve a certain member of the other team;

·        capture an object.

The practice of this sport has been permitted and regularized in Brazil since 2003. The activity can happen in trails, forests, closed forests, buildings, abandoned sheds and other environments that offer possibilities of hiding.

An important point to be observed in the practice of this radical sport concerns the safety of practitioners. Everyone should  wear their own clothing and items such as grille on their faces, glasses, elbows, helmets, etc.

The internet has been one of the main tools for airsoft players to meet and set dates to practice it. If you are interested in this type of activity, there are several forums and communities focused on group discussion and formation.

2. Climbing

Climbing is one of the best known extreme sports in Brazil. The activity, based on mountaineering techniques, can be practiced in indoor and outdoor environments, individually or in groups.

The sport has the purpose of taking the athlete up a mountain or a wall with obstacles and has several modalities: natural environment, block climbing,  big wall, among others.

Concentration and strength are two essential characteristics for anyone who wants to climb. The activity still brings several benefits to athletes, such as:

·        promoting well-being and reducing stress;

·        gain of muscle mass;

·        increased strength;

·        weight control;

·        development of body awareness and balance.

Just like any sport of the genre, climbing requires great care with the choice of equipment and with the safety of sportsmen. It is advisable to follow guides and for beginners, it is advisable to participate in courses with certification by  the existing federations.

3. Bungee jump

Indicated for those who are passionate about adrenaline and are not afraid of heights,  bungee jumping is a radical sport in which, tied by the ankles or by the waist, the jumpers jump of diverse heights, bound by an elastic rope. A few seconds after the free fall, the person reaches the maximum elasticity of the rope and is pulled back, in a kind of movement "come and go" until finally stop.

There is no established age limit for bungee jumping, but you must be over 40 kg and have no health problems.

One of the main points to be observed for the practice of bungee jumping is equipment: buckles, belts and couplings, elastic cords and, in some cases, air mattresses are necessary;

Most bungee jump jumps are performed on support towers. In Brazil, it is forbidden to jump on bridges and similar, only in cases authorized by the courts. The practice of this activity should be done with great safety, so be aware of the location, company or responsible for the jump.

4. Rafting

Rafting Descend rivers with rapids in inflatable boats. This is the simplest definition of  rafting , a radical sport guided by the movement of waters, the curves and obstacles of rivers, rapids and small waterfalls.

The sport is practiced in groups of four up to twelve people, depending on the size of the boat, which is conducted by a professional responsible for guiding and guiding participants throughout the course. Teamwork, unity and a sense of leadership are important characteristics of the activity.

One of the main dangers of this sport is related to the drowning and shock of stones, branches and other barriers that may appear on the course. Therefore, the use of safety equipment and good notions of swimming are fundamental.

5. Skate

Skateboard is very popular and inexpensive, skateboarding consists of performing maneuvers on the ground, with or without obstacles, balancing on a board with two axles and four wheels.

The activity has surpassed the status of sport and has become a way of life, in which its adherents have an identification with clothes, slang and customs. Around the world you will find people skateboarding in squares, parks and their own tracks, called  skate parks .

Radical sport is part of the reality of individuals of the most diverse ages and must be practiced with safety equipment and light clothing that allow the mobility of the skater.

Among the   most popular modes of skateboarding are:

·        freestyle;

·        down hill;

·        downhill slide;

·        street style;

·        minitraps

However, when it comes to official competitions there are only two: street and half pipe. Brazilians are among the best professional skaters in the world and are always remembered as references.

What radical sport to practice?

The options for practicing extreme sports are many, and more and more fans are growing. But for you to choose such an activity you need to take into account important points like your lifestyle, age, physical fitness and health, cost, safety equipment, plus some psychological factors such as fear and anxiety.

Before joining any of these activities, look for registered professionals and establishments that can provide information and ensure your safety. Also, talk to athletes, they can help you get to know and lose your fear of activities.

Posted on July 02, 2018 at 02:11 PM

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