Instant Stress Tips

The next time you feel your stress levels rising, do not panic. It's simple to temporarily change the way you breathe and calm down. Try these five strategies to maintain your wellness.

1. Bet on creativity

Remove your crayons, paint, sketch pads, and coloring books from the drawer. A 2016 study found that engaging in any type of artistic pursuit for 45 minutes causes your cortisol levels, a stress hormone, to drop. Is not it considered very artistic? Does not matter! Just give yourself a chance to create anything to make it work. Be less critical and freer.

2. The trick four-seven-eight

Too stressed for sleep? A breathing technique, called "4-7-8", may help. Creator Dr. Andrew Weil calls it a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system. Keep the tongue behind the upper front teeth and exhale through your mouth making a whoosh sound. Inhale through the nose and count to four, then hold your breath for seven seconds, then exhale again counting to eight. Repeat up to four times.

3. How about a chewing gum?

It is scientifically proven, probably due to the chain reaction that chewing creates, that chewing gum helps in reducing the level of cortisol. Researchers say that chewing for only 10 minutes is enough to help you feel less stressed.

4. Connect with nature

A few minutes surrounded by green can help reduce stress levels. But to real relief, make it a routine. Surround yourself with plants at home and in the office, walk in a park, touch the foliage with your fingers, lie on the grass.


It should be the last thing you want when you are stressed, but when we make a conscious effort to smile in the face of a stressful situation, it reduces the response of your body's physical stress. In other words, your heart rate will not increase as much.

Inspiration within your eyes

The Mood Boards - or Inspiration Murals - can help you visualize where you want to reach and motivate your day to day.

A creative way of putting together what gives you the strength to move on and stay on track. Working your imagination with visual representations of your goals is an effective and fun tactic. Inspirational murals can help you a lot on the journey to the ideal weight. And who knows, you can still discover a new hobby.

Get to work!

It does not take much to get started. A pile of old magazines, a pair of scissors, a cork board, full of magnets or even an empty wall in your room. Items may seem too simple, but they help turn ideas into real inspirations. Embark on this journey and think about questions such as "What am I trying to do?" Or "Who do I want to be?" The result may surprise you, like collage of positive feelings.

You can use old photos of yourself, pictures of people you love and admire, clothes you want to wear, postcards of places you want to visit, impact phrases; the sky's the limit. Do this according to your routine and update the versions of your mural according to your victories.

Three tips to get started

1 . Explore various formats. You are not stuck in a wall hanging on the wall. Make a book full of pages that fits in your backpack or a mobile that can hang in some room of the house. Abuse of creativity.

2. Make your mood board very personal. His mural is about his real day to day life, it will not be good to fill him with images of salads and gym equipment. Focus on your post-goal life. Maybe you have more energy to play with your children, so put a picture of a family having fun. Or maybe you feel comfortable wearing something more stylish, so look for a photo of a pair of pretty jeans.

3. Face your challenges and consider including obstacles images as well. The visualization of easy success reduces motivation.

Digital version

Do you have no time or do not enjoy much crafts? No problem! You can create virtual murals, from anywhere. We VP did it! Already know our Pinterest?

The digital platform is super easy to use. In it you create as many panels as you want and search for miscellaneous items. In our profile, you find not only motivational phrases and inspirational images, but lots of content! Recipes, exercise and wellness tips are included in the package.

So how about setting up your 'mood board' over there as well and still seize to follow the Weight Watchers? Stay tuned for our updates! You can even "steal" some ideas for your mural of inspirations.

Posted on July 02, 2018 at 02:09 PM

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